1,1 Subadults NZ 16  DH Ignition ph Caramel

This pair NZ 16 originated from male Dutch Hypo het Caramel and female red Toffee Belly. From this pair you can expect hatchlings Klasic,Dutch Hypo,Toffee belly and Ignition - and maybe,maybe some more,if both have Caramel gens.

Price 500€/pair





Adult male BM5    NZ 16 Anaconda 66% ph T.Belly  120€  or  3.000,-


Adult male BM7  NZ 16  Conda ph T.Belly   120€  or 3.000,- Kč


Adult male BM8   NZ 16  Conda ph T.Belly  120€  or  3.000,-Kč