Aberrant L.t. Stuarti - Color form project



          Anery Aberrant L.t.Stuarti

I am to start this project since 2010. The aim of this project was to transfer the genetic recessive forms of Anery and Hypo into genetically recessive Aberrants L.t. Stuarts. Learn more about this beautiful form here:


Transferring Hypo and Anery genes I had from L.t.hondurensis, I don´t have other chance. But mating forms Hondurensis and Stuarti is very difficult. Not as easy as other types of Lampropeltis. In 2013 I managed to paired male Aberrant Stuarti and female Anery hetero Hypo hondurensis. In 2016 I bred the first animal Anery Aberrant and also the first Hypo Stuarti. The phenotype animals look like Stuarti, but they still have blood of Hondurensis. Still, I think they have a great chance to be famous snakes in the future. Also for different aberrants pattern genetic stability.

Anery Aberrant and Aberrants  Stuarti            Anery Aberrant and Anery Stuarti


 Hypo Aberrant Stuarti


New hatchlings will be in summer 2019 ,    I hope